Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Early June Coast Action

Slow week at work.

Biked to Bagdad Theater on Tuesday for a rockin' recession-priced $2 movie.

Infiltrated the Hillsdale Hideaway and got clammin' tools from 'Ol B Wednesday night.

Happy hour Thursday with Angry McNeil. Crazy rain.

Went out to Astoria on Friday with Dr. Jones. Checked out the Cathedral Tree.

Cool shipwreck and tasty clams on the coast.

Camped out @ Ft. Stevens park and hiked the bike path up to the fort. Crazy bunkers!
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Monday, June 1, 2009

End of May adventures

Saturday: Hiked in the Bad Lands near Bend. Went out to Flat Iron Rock. Funny thing is, we never actually made it to Flat Iron Rock. We were at the next random lava formation over. The band got disoriented and almost broke up. The Oregon desert is hot.

Went to the Bend Roller Derby. Rolled up 6 + 1 tandem strong in true Bend bike gang style. Cheeky shenanigans and much bell ringing to follow as we toured some of Bend's finer dive-bar establishments.

Sun-Mon: Backpacked down from the Lower Bridge on the Metolius River near Black Butte. Camped out by the river, a fifth of whiskey, and a fire. Nice & cool with many non-pine trees. Almost like the East. Hiked out and ate lunch at Camp Sherman. Definitely an idyllic place to drink a tallboy and dip your feet in the river. Back to PDX.

Tues: Kennedy School with friends. Late night bike ride with Gatormeyer down MLK to Hawthorne.

Wed: After work ride with Gatormeyer from Hawthorne, across the river @ the esplanade, along waterfront through NW industrial to US-30 & up Saltzman Rd into Forest Park. Rode out on Leif Erickson trail, down through NW to beer & gyros @ Berbati's, back to Hawthorne ~25 miles.

"Adventure Friday": Hiked up to the High Bridge on Eagle Creek (in the Columbia River Gorge) with Ma Jones. Cool spot. Dr. Huburn has boated it. Gnar. ~6 mile hike round-trip. Up a bit, really cool trail blasted into the cliffs.

Sat: Went biking in the Tillamook forest with Northwest Trail Alliance. Rode the great Storey Burn/Roger's Camp/Gales Creek trail loop. Rode the Lars Sicter loop too. ~20 miles in the woods. Fun! Went out to McMenamin's Cornelius Pass Roadhouse for burgers & beers.

Went out to HUB brewing that night and enjoyed the sunset. Good beers there. Bumped into Kate Cabot who I went to High School with back in Wilton, CT. She's headed to Kenya in a short bit. Very cool.

Sun: Took a lazy Sunday and unpacked stuff at the Hawthorne house. Rode up to the T&A house for another mellow mofo Potluck. Even managed to make it to the Florida Room for an Old German with Dr. Huburn. Swooped back down to Hawthorne @ midnight.

Porternet is fully operational

I guess I'm a late-adopter of this whole blog thing. I'm hoping it will help me keep track of where I've been and what I've done.

Hopefully this won't become yet another stagnant pool far from the crashing surf waves of the internet.